About Us

Wishes of Otsuka Green Tea

Kakegawa City in Shizuoka Prefecture boasts one of the largest productions of tea in Japan.
The tea plantation of Otsuka Green tea is located in the Nissaka area, which is blessed with fertile soil and the best climate, and produces high quality tea leaves.
Since the Edo period (1603-1868), the lord of Kakegawa Castle, has given us his land, and we have been delivering the taste and aroma loved by everyone from our vast tea garden. In order to continue to produce tea that is loved by our customers, we will pass on to the next generation the wisdom and skill of our ancestors, the joy of working with tea, and our strong passion for tea.
We also have another great wish for tea. It is a time to enjoy tea with family, which used to be commonplace. The thoughtfulness of serving a cup of tea to a visitor. It is my hope that Japanese people will remember the preciousness of sharing time and conversation between people. Tea has also played a major role in touching hearts. We want to continue to produce tea that enriches the heart and brings a smile to the home. We would like to continue to produce tea that enriches the heart and makes smiles bloom in the home. We would also like to share the tea culture of Japan, the land of longevity, with the people of the world and expand the circle of smiles.

About Us

Company name
Otsuka Green Tea Co.
Name of Delegate
Yasuhiko Otsuka
Head office location
1638 Ono, Kakegawa City, Shizuoka Prefecture, 436-0009, Japan
Phone number
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For those coming by public transportation
From JR Kakegawa Station
Higashiyama Line, approx. 25 min.
Approx. 10 minutes walk from Nisaka bus stop (3 minutes walk from Nisaka Elementary School)
For those coming by private car
From Tomei Expressway
About 20 minutes from Kakegawa IC
About 20 minutes from Kikugawa IC
About 25 minutes from Makinohara IC

From National Route 1 Bypass
About 3 minutes from Nisaka IC
About 5 minutes from Yasaka IC